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Seminar Training with Kicking for Causes


Our seminars are engaging and cutting edge, talking about real life challenges and circumstances which helps each participant not only relate to the topics but leave the seminars feeling empowered and stronger.

Whether you want to gain confidence and motivation on your next big goal by breaking a real wooden karate board, or you want to learn practical self-defense for yourself or for your child, these classes are for everyone. The times and length of instruction are customizable for your liking and we will provide all participants with appropriate handouts and materials.

Do you want to hold your seminar in-house at your location, or would you prefer to train in a real life martial arts, state of the art facility?

The choice and flexibility is up to you and your guests. All trainings are age appropriate and extremely safe; no prior knowledge is required to participate. Some of our most popular seminars include school breakthrough clinics with board breaking and goal setting for kids, as well as college level prep seminars focusing on situational self-defense techniques and skills.

Past Seminars